Being a collaborative effort, we dive deep to understand and know our client’s business to bring out the finest story and most compelling work. Our process is designed to create the most engaging brand story without you having to worry about any of the organisational or technical details.

We begin with getting to know you through a series of questions about your brand, your customers and your objectives. This will help us to establish the strategy, creative direction and how to measure the success of your campaign. In this vital session, the more information you can give us the better we can craft your brand story.

Once we understand your brand story we can then start to brainstorm ideas. During this collaborative process we connect your needs with your goals and then we bounce ideas around to see if anything resonates.

We start with writing the script and presenting the storyboard, once approved we source the location and coordinate casting. We think through everything to ensure that everything is ready on the day of filming to guarantee your shoot goes off without a glitch.

The day as arrived – lights, camera, action. We handle everything needed to capture the footage necessary to tell your story in the most compelling and appealing way.

Post Production is the most time consuming step. This is the phase where the raw footage is edited and the animators, voiceover artists, sound designers, and graphic designers add all the detail that brings the magic of your story to life!

You may want to add a layer of music that compliments your vision. We can create a custom score or source licensed music from a third party. Whatever is required to enhance your brand story, we have it covered.

That’s a wrap! On approval we then send you the required files need for your website, social media (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo) and other broadcast mediums.

Looking to add vision to your business?

We’re here to help you. Let’s chat about your idea, put our heads together, and come up with a plan that delivers the results you’re after.

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