Photography at Attitude Dance Academy 2016!

The team from Red Bean Productions completed a photoshoot on Sunday the 13th Nov during the full dress rehearsals. The team and their portable studio captured the wonderful dancers in the build up to the Attitude Dance Academy 2016 Concert!

Now you can view the photos below and select the proofs. The team will quickly touch up the photos you would like and send them your way!


Choose the photos you want by first clicking on ‘select proofs’, and then put a star next to the photos you want. Beautiful Hi-Res Digital Downloads will be available very soon by the Red Bean Productions Photography team. Memories that you and your family and friends can treasure forever.

Image Before

Attitude Dance Signup photo shoot - Red Bean Productions

Image After

Attitude Dance Signup - Red Bean Productions

How to order photos:

  1. Click on the photo/s you are interested in.
  2. Click on the star to select it. You may select as many as you wish.
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